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The Features of a Good Essay

Many people claim that an excellent essay is a piece of writing that has perfect grammar and sound arguments. It is originally written with an intent to inform, persuade and entertain readers. Apart from these characteristics, there’s more to see in an excellent essay because it is not all about proper grammar and readability.

To better understand what is a good essay, here are the features of good writing that sets apart high-quality composition from mediocre ones.

An excellent essay has focus

An excellent essay does not let its reader be astray. It has a single central idea that holds the reader to stick into the writing. Each paragraph is supported by evidence to make your claims valid and reliable.
There’s development in an excellent essay.

An excellent essay is not stagnant. As you read the article, the central idea expands to the point that it touches a few details of your life. This experience makes you feel connected to the piece as if it is written specifically for you to give a lesson or to serve as a reminder.

A good essay has one redeeming message.

An essay written with unity turns out to be an enjoyable read. The reader will not be lost with that the writer is trying to convey because all the topic sentences support the main idea. Some concepts might be discussed throughout the writing, but in a good essay, the message of the piece remains the same.
It is organized systematically.

Using proper cohesive devices is what makes an essay good to read. It makes the flow of reading smooth and relaxing. Every idea makes sense to the reader, which is why it makes identifying the message easy to spot.

It is written in the language of ordinary people

Some people who use high sounding words in their essay think that it would make them look and sound smart when the truth is not. What the sense of writing a piece if people will not be able to understand what you are trying to say if you have poor word choices. As much as possible, write an essay that uses the language of ordinary people.

A good essay is not hard to the mind; it should be pleasing and relaxing since you’re the primary goal in writing a piece is to inform, entertain and to persuade.

These are the characteristics to understand what is a good essay. It is not always about the technicalities of proper English and grammar. It also shares the meaning and its effect on the people who will be reading it. So, before you submit your essay, it is essential that you proofread and edit. Typos and some grammar mistakes can affect the meaning and the message of your theme. Instead of understanding what you want to try to convey, people will first notice a lot of mistakes in your draft. To ensure that your piece is error-free, have someone who has a background in essay writing check your work and ask for advice. It will significantly help you improve more.

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