Coursework Writing

Coursework Writing Guidelines: For Academic Writing Purposes

Universities, colleges, high and elementary schools, all employ coursework to students. They are usually given and assessed by professors or instructors. Coursework requires in-depth research and investigation of a certain given topic, and these topics depend on the subject (e.g., Literature, History, Geography). This is meant to reflect your understanding of what was being taught in your class.

Coursework writing takes a diverse form, such as extended essays, term papers, book reports, and dissertations. The accumulated grades in coursework are often combined with the separated assessed set of tests, which will determine your final grade for the subject. Unlike exams, professors/mentors will allow you to work on your coursework writing for several days, and you can complete it using your notes, books, and the internet for research purposes.

The Guidelines in Coursework Writing

The Dos and Don’ts

Before proceeding to the first step of your coursework writing, you must have a thorough understanding of the academic writing rules. Failure to adhere might result in low grades or, worse, the disqualification of your paper.

The most important rule you should bear in mind is the strict avoidance of plagiarism; you should submit an originally written coursework. If you need to copy some texts from the internet or books, cite the author. Seeking help from your professor or classmates is prohibited unless it’s group coursework. The professor is only allowed to discuss coursework instructions or directions. If you are completely out of time or are really bad at the subject, you can order a draft at a coursework writing service. However, you still need to rewrite it. Next, you have to follow the instructed word count, and check it during the writing process. Lastly, you must verify the kind of topics you are allowed to write.

Coursework Topic

If your professor lets you decide on your topic for your coursework writing, then you should use this to your advantage. Choose a topic that you love and understand, as this will motivate you to write more. For your science subject, ensure that your topic is measurable, changeable, and controllable to avoid future issues in your investigation or experimentation. Also, avoid tackling general or vast topics as you will have a hard time doing your research and justifying it. You can ask your teachers for some guidance on your topic.

The Gathering of Information or Data

Never start your write-up if you have not gathered enough information or data about your topic. Remember that the research phase is crucial to the overall coursework process. The sources you can use are diverse such as journals, books, newspapers, and the internet. Ensure that all sources are trustworthy and valid, especially what you find on the internet.

Structure Planning

While some professors give a specific paper format, some will let you structure your coursework write-up on your own. You have to ensure that your format is highly organized. The most basic format is the introduction, body, and conclusion. It is up to you if you want to put headers and subsections in the body.


To avoid plagiarism, never forget to cite your sources in the text and the bibliography section. Quotations are also allowed in the body section but as long as you place quotation marks in between the copied statement and then cite the author. One of the best ways to citing works from other authors in the body is by utilizing a footnote. You must stick to one style in the bibliography section, such as the APA format or MLA format.

Final Check Before Submission

Before submitting your coursework write-up, finalize and check it first. Do a sense check to find out if everything in your paper makes sense. At the same time, conduct proofreading to correct any errors in spelling or grammar. You may use services like Grammarly or Wordy. Next, check the total word count one last time to ensure you did not exceed or lack in words; also, check the overall formatting like the page numbers, section, subsection, line spacing, and font; lastly, confirm that you included all the right sources in your bibliography and that you followed consistent style formatting.

Remember that the key to achieving high grades in your class is by providing well-written coursework and not a mediocre one. Coursework writing entails hard work, perseverance, and comprehensive knowledge. Always do thorough and extensive research and do a write-up that will awe your professor.

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